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Healthy Low Carb Food and Drink

Supercharge your mornings with our amazing coffee and smoothie bowls. Not only will they give you an amazing wake up, they will help you stop throes mid morning snack attacks.

Our collagen coffee is supplemented with premium Norwegian Marine collagen.

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Great customer service

Received a box to sample and so far have sampled the smoothie bowls. My favourite was the mixed berry. Mixed with Alpro yogurt (dairy free) added some nuts and berries was delicious. The cinnamon smoothie was also lovely also added some nuts and berries and a little melted chocolate. Ideal for breakfast or dessert.

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This product has improved my workouts significantly

I use the Ketonika coffee every morning before I go to the gym and it has improved my output, energy and resistance. In addition, it has made me more focused and attentive at the start of my day.
It also tastes delicious - a creamy coffee without the nasty ingredients and high calorie intake.

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It tastes like a regular foamy latte macchiato

It tastes like a regular foamy latte macchiato, but with extra nutrients! I mean... starting the day with a collagen boost? Yes please! I'm super excited to try the BCAA coffee and the yogurts!

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My running times improved

I used Ketonika for over a week, after a few days noticed my running times improved in the mornings and generally had more energy/didn’t get the usual mid morning slump. Can honestly say I felt the benefits. It was lovely creamy coffee too. The berry mix was absolutely delicious with some hot water and out milk, I find it hard to find non caffeinated drinks for the afternoon that aren’t full of sugar but this one was perfect.

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