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Sarah Charsley 

Collagen in Coffee – the Celebrity Trend

The beauty industry say put collagen in your coffee for glowing  skin

The latest trend is putting collagen  in coffee. It's very popular and it's causing quite a stir – the beauty industry are raving about it.  And with good reason, it’s a brilliant idea. Collagen is the most abundant protein in the body. It makes up about 30% of who we are. 
                   Without it, we would quite literally fall apart! 

Why has Collagen Coffee become so popular?

The Bad News

Collagen depletes as we age, or should we say we age as collagen depletes. It's the primary driver in the ageing process, and so as our production of collagen and elastin depletes, the signs of ageing  start creeping in.

The Good News

Although we can’t stop this process completely, we can slow it down. In the olden days collagen we would get collagen from bones and fat and other animal parts we used to eat on a regular basis. But that's not how our modern diet works. Bone broth is one way to get collagen, the other is supplements. 

So How Much Collagen Do I Lose a Year?  

Collagen makes up much of who we are. We have around 20kg of collagen in our body. If we lose 5% a year, that's a kilo of collagen each year. Collagen loss means the slowing down of elastin production, and the appearance of unwanted things like cellulite and skin blemishes.

Collagen Loss Needs to be Replaced

It’s not as straightforward as ingesting a kilo to replace a kilo, but quantities certainly matter. Supplementing with a pill that contains half a gram of collagen, quite frankly isn’t going to do anything. Collagen needs to be metabolised with other things for it to have any benefit. 

Sugar Increases the Speed of Collagen Loss

Reduce you intake of sugars to increase collagen production

Reduce Sugar Intake To Increase Collagen Production

Coffee is such an easy way to increase meaningful collagen intake.  

adding collagen to your coffee is an easy way to increase collagen intake

Enjoy a refreshing Iced Collagen Coffee

Does Adding Collagen to Coffee work? 

Collagen Peptides don’t break down in hot water so that isn’t an issue. Including collagen in a creamer or with fat works well – after all, that’s what it comes with in nature. We aren't quite sure of the science behind it, but MCTs seem to work especially well in collagen coffee too.

Another Great Way to Take Collagen ? 

Mix our smoothie bowls with goats yogurt topped with super protein or super fibre. The Cinnamon Smoothie Bowl has a whopping 6000mg of collagen, and it comes with all sorts of nutrients. Top that with healthy toppings and you combine good fats such as Omega 3, high fibre (another age beater) and minerals to help metabolise it. Goats yogurt has been known for years to have benefits for healthier skin, though any yogurt is good.

2.5-10g of Collagen a Day will Help Reduce the Signs of Ageing 

That’s a bold statement, but it’s true. Not only that, but you’ll be doing your body a big favour. It's not just the skin that collagen is important in helping maintain, it's pretty much everything that makes up who you are. In fact we’d say it’s one of the most important supplements you can take. 

Butter Coffee and Collagen 

There's a good reason for mixing the collagen with butter powder. If it’s mixed with milk, the lactose (sugar) has a negative effect on the collagen. Collagen taken on it’s own is less potent, so butter is one of the best accompaniments to collagen in coffee – it’s science. Plus the fact it tastes amazing

What Can Collagen Do – The Lowdown 

So what have WE personally seen with collagen? Since we consume our own product on a daily basis we've noticed the benefits. One of us has RSI from working at the keyboard and wasn’t able to straighten their right arm. But now they can. We’ve all noticed little blemishes disappearing and fine lines appear to be less. The boss is 49 and certainly doesn't look it. We won’t say how old Nicky is but let's just say you’d be amazed. 

Celebrities Have Been Using Collagen Supplements For Years 

Jennifer Aniston is one of the most prominent endorsers of collagen and who can deny she looks fab. Halle Berry as well, and let's not forget the guys: Peter Andre is a known collagen fan. The fact is, it works, and yes it’s a little pricier than other supplements but it’s well worth it. 

Your Health Doesn’t Have a Price Tag

We understand money is important, but so is health, even more so. There's a reason people's health suffers these days: bloating, indigestion, apathy, anxiety, depression, fatigue, stress and other such ailments mainly come down to diet – cheap ones. Exercise obviously helps, but diet is more important. You can’t outrun a bad diet. Nor can a good diet come cheap. Poor students can eat on the cheap, but there’s a price to pay.

So is it Worth it? 

The straight forward answer is, yes, absolutely. Collagen has so many health benefits: it’s a powerful anti-inflammatory, it helps increase the production of elastin, it helps strengthen bones, ligaments and tendons. The full health benefits aren’t all known but there are few other  supplements that are so important and powerful.

Collagen has so many health benefits
Ketonika collagen coffee has 4000mg (4g) of Marine collagen
Adding collagen to coffee has many healthy and beauty benefits

Ketonika collagen coffee has 4000mg (4g) of Marine collagen 

It's hard to say what the right amount is, but over 2500mg is the minimum. You can’t overdose on collagen because your body will just pass it through. However, it's not a case of having as much as possible in a short space of time. It’s about consistency, and that means incorporating it into your diet every day, which we have made it easy for you to do. What's more it has other benefits such as MCTs which promote a healthy gut, and help your body use fat as fuel. 

How Long Does it Take to Work? 

Just as your health doesn’t deteriorate immediately, getting healthier doesn't happen overnight either. The Changes are gradual, but before too long you'll notice them: liver spots are no longer there, your eyes look a brighter, your hair feels thicker.  Like a watched pot never boils, health and weight loss are  journeys which happen in the background. We can’t stress this enough. 

In about 2 months you will start to notice quite visible improvements. In 4 weeks you’ll notice a big difference. The great thing about our coffee is that you will feel the effects from day 1. 

Introducing Collagen is a Massive Step in the Right Direction

It works as an Anti-inflammatory and an anti-oxidant. It helps level blood sugars. It helps you feel full and eat less. In fact, if you aren’t taking collagen supplements, it's time to ask yourself why.

Ketonika Marine Collagen Coffee - 14 pack
Ketonika Marine Collagen Coffee - 14 pack
Ketonika Marine Collagen Coffee - 14 pack Coffee Ketonika
 collagen butter coffee with MCTs, keto coffee perfect for low carb diets
Frothy ice cold collagen coffee, Ketonika instant butter coffee, refreshing workout drink
Ketonika Marine Collagen Coffee - 14 pack

Ketonika Marine Collagen Coffee - 14 pack


Ketonika Premium Collagen Coffee 14 pack.

 The perfect morning kick-start.

 Our Collagen Coffee tastes like a latte and gives your skin a boost. The MCTs help your mind focus and your body use its fat as fuel.

Marine Collagen is the collagen that is most readily absorbed by the body, and that is IMPORTANT, it means your body gets to utilise Marine collagen better than bovine collagen by about 1.5 times. And it’s the collagen that is better for your skin. 




- Helps improve appearance of your skin


- Great for low carb diets

Collagen and BCAAs play a role in muscles health, healthy muscles means better tone.  Stretching exercises also encourages the production of elastin. Hence Yoga teachers look so good.

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