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Alasdair Adam- July 2021 

Collagen Peptides: why are they so powerful?

collagen peptides help the keep your skin youthful and fight the anti-ageing process

We can’t overstate how many benefits collagen has. Not surprising given most of the human body is made of collagen. The mantra “you are what you eat” very much applies here. Many people today are eating less meat – which by the way we totally recommend – this may sound odd coming from people who advocate Keto or low-carb diets. The fact is, if you are going to eat meat then it should be top quality and not pre-wrapped in a plastic packet. 

The Benefits of Collagen

Collagen peptides are:
high in protein, anti-inflammatory, filling, anti-oxidant, anti-ageing, good for ligaments, aid bone strength, increase skin hydration, increase the production of elastin and help repair damaged organs. 

Collagen on Keto?

YES! Collagen is simply incredible and we can’t think of a better supplement for your diet. Especially if you are on Keto. This is because your liver isn’t processing carbs which causes glycation (the breakdown of collagen). 

Getting the right amount of collagen

You'll find lots of collagen pills out there, but the benefits to taking them are small. Some do come with other supplements such as vitamin C to help you make the most of the collagen. But it's dosage that is key. Less than 2500mg is not going to make a huge difference, and for those slightly more senior you may need 8000-15000mg of collagen a day to make a difference. 

slow down the ageing process by adding collagen to your diet
High doses of hydrolysed marine collage each day makes a big difference for your skin

We can't halt the ageing process, but we can certainly help to slow it down. 

Supplementing you diet with collagen helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles

It's the small differences that make a big difference 

The Different Types of Collagen

Our products have hydrolysed marine collagen in the Coffee and the Berry Smoothie mix, and bovine collagen in the Cinnamon Swirl mix.

But what’s the difference?

Although both are collagen and do pretty much the same thing, bovine is mainly type 3 collagen and is generally accepted as better for your joints and ligaments. Marine collagen is type 1 collagen, is the most abundant collagen type and is generally better absorbed by the body.

When are for how long should you take collagen? 

Here at Ketonika we take collagen EVERY DAY and we recommend you do to. Especially if you are over the age of 25 when the body's natural collagen supply starts to decline. We can’t think of a better supplement that will do as much for you as collagen does. 

The main reasons we need collagen

1. To help strengthen bones that get more brittle as we age.
2. To help maintain your skin's elasticity by increasing the production of elastin.
3. To help reduce injuries if you work out.

Collagen may even help you reduce your meat intake. We have found that we don't eat nearly as much meat anymore.

 Our collagen supplemented smoothie bowls sprinkled with our Healthy Toppings pack in around 10g of protein. Add a collagen coffee and that's a whopping 15g of protein. The fact that they include vitamins and minerals is an added bonus, because these work with the collagen to really power things up.

 Make collagen a mainstay of your diet by incorporating our tasty, easy to use products into your daily eating regime. 

Ketonika Collagen butter coffee is great for healthy keto diets
Ketonika Healthy toppings are packed with vitamins and minerals to boost the effects of collagen
Boost your collagen intake with our range of healthy keto-friendly smoothie bowls and coffees

4500mg OF Enzymatic hydrolysed marine collagen peptide in our Acai Berry smoothie bowl mix

Both of our smoothie bowl mixes are high in natural fibre and collagen protein to combat signs of ageing and promote healthy, youthful, radiant skin.

4000mg of Enzymatic hydrolysed marine collagen peptide in our coffee

Collagen coffee is proving a big hit on today's beauty and anti-ageing scene. Drinking a collagen coffee a day is an easy way to get a good amount of natural collagen in your diet and will help you look and feel great. 

6000mg of hydrolysed bovine collagen peptide in our cinnamon smoothie bowl mix

Our dairy-free cinnamon smoothie bowl mix has a huge amount of hydrolysed collagen, and because it doesn’t have a taste or odour it's easy to integrate into your diet.

Collagen peptides are great for healthy hair skin and bones

References to some science research and sites regarding collagen. 


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Marine collagen coffee, butter coffee weight loss bulletproof coffee.
Marine collagen coffee, butter coffee weight loss bulletproof coffee.
Marine Collagen Coffee Sachet Coffee Ketonika, non GMO marine collagen coffee
Marine Collagen Coffee Sachet Coffee Ketonika, perfect for an iced keto coffee
Non GMO Hydrolysed marine collagen coffee, keto coffee, butter coffee in an instant
Marine collagen keto butter coffee, perfect for hair skin and nails. Anti ageing, anti inflammatory, great for weight loss

Marine Collagen Coffee Sachet


Ketonika Premium Collagen Coffee Sachet. 

The perfect morning kick-start. 

Our Collagen Coffee tastes like a latte and gives your skin a boost. The MCTs help your mind focus and your body use its fat as fuel.

TYPE 1 Collagen is the most abundant collagen in the human body, and it’s the most readily absorbed. Marine Collagen is the most readily absorbed and I used by the body, and as a morning coffee provides a great quick hit of MCT as well. 


-4000mg enzymatic hydrolysed marine collagen

-4500mg MCT

-Helps improve your skin's appearance

-Can keep you feeling fuller for longer


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