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Alasdair Adam - June 2021

The Keto Diet: Myths versus Truths

Inflammation effects mental health

Firstly a disclaimer: everyone is different and each of you may experience these things differently. 

For some people Keto is a strange challenging diet that is restrictive. For the rest of us it's an easy-to-follow, tasty, satiating way of eating. The media and big corporations aren't particularly pro-Keto, which isn't surprising given their propensity to punt out endless cheap carbs to the masses. Whether you find Keto is for you or not, we advocate a low carb way of eating for the best weight loss results. Now for some keto myths and truths...

Keto is hard and challenging to stick to 

Whilst we have to admit Keto is not the most convenient on-the-go way of eating, but many of us have found it so much easier than calorie counting all day. And it doesn't feel like a diet. But when you are in ketosis the benefits far outweigh any inconveniences. What is tricky is getting the macros right – that means eating enough fat as calories, instead of protein. But you do get used to it. 

Keto starves the body of essential nutrients

There is no reason you can't get everything you need from Keto. Your fibre intake will probably need a little focus, and you may find yourself eating a few more nuts, seeds, berries than you used to.

That's why we do our smoothie bowls with toppings that can give you up to 12g of fibre at breakfast alone. However the good thing with fibre is that on Keto you become aware you are falling short whereas on a normal western diet you feel you are getting enough when if fact you are not. In fact there’s more fibre in one smoothie bowl and topping than in 10 slices of bread. 

It’s hard for vegetarians / vegans 

Myth & Truth
Yes, it's hard and quite limiting for for vegans – eggs and dairy play a large role in Keto – but it's not impossible. For vegetarians, it's much easier.

leafy greens, berries, nuts and seeds are great for Keto

Keto is a high fat, healthy way of eating.

Keto food is suitable for vegetarians and vegans
Keto helps lower your blood sugar levels

Keto doesn't have to be restrictive and you can still enjoy tasty snacks!

Does it mean eating a lot of meat?

A big fat meaty myth
Keto is often referred to as a meat eater's diet! NOT TRUE. It's not an Atkins or carnivore diet. Keto is high fat, which means eggs, avocados, oil, butter, broccoli, cauliflower, nuts, berries, yogurt, cream etc. In fact many high protein meals are advised against for some people because they can actually raise your blood sugar as well.

Although it's much harder to find Keto snacks on the go as a vegetarian, it's certainly not impossible. With so many great plant-based low carb bars on the market, there are always alternatives. Keto pizza is really popular, as are chaffles. We love sugar-free maple syrup with chaffles and butter. 

Keto f*rts

Half Truth
OK we can all have a little giggle, but let's face facts, it happens. Keto farts are a thing! As your body changes you may play the odd game of deal or no deal. Thankfully it doesn’t last long and your body quickly adjusts, not everyone will experience this of course.

Keto gives you bad breath

Some Truth
Strangely none of us have experienced this (at least we haven’t told each other and it's not something you post on Facebook). But it does seem to be a thing. So we thought we should make you aware of it, just in case it happens to you. If it does, don't worry it's quite normal, and it will go away. 

You can ruin Keto with one meal! 

Some people can get away with a Spag Bol followed by treacle toffee pudding once a week and be fine, others can't. Even if you fall into the latter camp there’s nothing to worry about. Remember, we're all different. Keto isn’t a test. It's not a do-or-die diet or prison and it doesn’t slip you up for weeks on end because you ate grannies favourite dumplings (we wouldn’t want you to let granny down for anything, especially not silly rumours that you will suddenly balloon up kilos after eating the odd carb or two). We aren't saying go out and eat a carb-heavy meal, but everyone messes up once in a while. Most people go over their carb count by accident. Many people have a few too many drinks and eat a kebab on the way home. It happens, just keep calm and carry on with keto. You haven’t failed, you haven’t screwed up. Put it behind you and, most importantly, don't use it as an excuse to keep messing up. 

You can't drink alchohol on Keto

Congratulations, you are now a cheap date! in fact many of us have seen our drinking fall dramatically since our keto journey began, although we aren’t sure of the reasons why (there’s probably information out there on it if you want to search). But don't fret, you can drink alcohol on Keto (Keto doesn't suddenly convert you to a saint). But we advocate drinking alcohol in moderation, rather to the point where you are texting apologies the next day, whatever diet type of diet you're following.

Keto is expensive

This really depends on how you look at it. At the start it can chew a bigger hole in your pocket – no more 99p pizzas from the supermarket – but with keto you are generally forced to eat good food.

 Plus you don't need at much to feel full and since your body is using its own fat source as well, you simply don't eat as much. Whilst you might spend a bit more on quality food products, you'll save on snacks. You won't pick up rubbish randomly when shopping, and since takeaways are generally not as easy to get on Keto you'll save there as well. (Takeaways can be Keto, but check them as they often have hidden sugars).

Even if you are on a budget, there are options. Normal butter will suffice if you can't find grass-fed, frozen veg and frozen chicken legs are fine, cheaper cheddar options will suffice, and cheaper eggs are just as good. We don't want anyone to miss out on the best way to lose weight because they think they have to eat the best, most expensive food on Keto.

Sure, you'll find purists in the forums, but they are the minority, so don't feel judged in any way. Yes our breakfasts are more expensive than a bowl of cereal for sure, in fact you can buy a whole box of cereal for the price of one or our breakfasts. But It’s quality not quantity.

There’s more nutrition in one Ketonika breakfast than in certain whole boxes of cereal. And how easy is it to have a bowl of cereal and then spend £4 on snacks because you felt peckish by 10:30?

Keto helps you lose weight without losing muscle

Keto helps you lose weight without losing muscle 

Good fats and leafy greens help reduce inflammation
on keto you are meant to get 65-75% calories from fat

You don't get full on Keto 

So this is a hard one to explain if you haven’t experienced Keto. At the start it takes a little getting used to for some people.

Some of you are used to eating until you feel slightly uncomfortable, and if truth be told there’s a certain comfort in that for some. On Keto you don’t get that (I’m sure you could but it’s not easy). You feel satiated, which means you don't feel full but certainly you don't feel hungry.

You feel just right. Without a doubt we’ve made Keto snacks and wolfed them down and felt a little sick by eating too many, but that's a rarity. The great thing is you feel satiated for a long period of time, sometimes for a number of hours. On a carb diet the hunger is a mental thing, and it actually takes up more of your time and mental energy than you realise. 

You have low energy on Keto

For the gym bunnies out there this is a biggie. Whilst your body changes, it's quite normal to feel sluggish, weaker, less energised and even lethargic. But it doesn’t take long to come bounding back again.

Athletes who burn more fuel will have a much clearer idea of whether keto is working for them or not. What’s so great about the keto way of eating is that you lose weight without losing muscle, in fact as you tone up, your body shape changes, hence the stunning transformation pics many of you will have seen. It’s not a myth, there are some miracles out there. But remember whilst your muscles are no longer working on Glycogen it's a good idea to take BCAA supplements they really do make a difference. 

Keto isn’t for everyone 

We’ve found this to be true anyway – some people just don't seem to get on with Keto. We don't have an explanation other than we think it may have something to do with ancestry. Whilst many of us Brits and Northern Europeans have spent millennia on a Keto diet, historically many other countries have eaten a lot of carbs, such as wheat, maize and barley – the Romans for instance ate a lot of bread.r5

Does that mean they should give it longer? Are they just not willing to go through the initial stages? We don't have those answers, but if after a few months (at least try two) on Keto it's just not working for you, then it might not suit you. Don’t give up on a low-carb way of eating though, especially if you had a carb addiction beforehand. 

Keto is new

Oh no, absolutely not. People have been eating Keto for centuries. Pots have been found from centuries ago that had traces of the food they cooked: lamb, cheese, leeks and cabbage (sounds like a casserole).

That’s a Keto meal. But in the days of no fridges, milk was turned into cheese which kept longer and was safer to consume. Fish was one of the best sources of food. Chickens were too valuable to eat as the eggs provided constant food. Fruit was much more fibrous in those days so sweet treats were harder to come by. Honey was a luxury not many could afford. 

Keto is a strict diet?

There are certainly some purists out there. On Keto you are meant to get 65-75% calories from fat, 30-20% protein and 5% carbs. Remember fat is much more calorie dense than carbs or protein – 9 calories as opposed to 4.

But let’s face it, few of us count religiously all day every day, and what we like so much about Keto is the feeling of freedom from not calorie counting. 

So Keto or Low carb?

The important thing about Keto is losing your fear of fat, we can’t stress this enough. It takes time, it's still strange to be putting dollops of mayonnaise on things and that nagging voice will be going “are you sure?” There is a leap of faith involved. The reason so many of us advocate Keto is because it has worked for us. We know the struggles of going hell for leather for two months only to bounce back to square one even quicker. We’ve been running, done triathlons, hiked mountains, but also have faced the struggles of weight management. In Keto, we've Finally found a solution that is easy to follow.

Get rid of inflammation and feel great

Keto is an easy to follow weight management solution that helps you look and feel great. 

Ketonika Marine Collagen Coffee - 14 pack
Ketonika Marine Collagen Coffee - 14 pack
Ketonika Marine Collagen Coffee - 14 pack Coffee Ketonika
 collagen butter coffee with MCTs, keto coffee perfect for low carb diets
Frothy ice cold collagen coffee, Ketonika instant butter coffee, refreshing workout drink
Ketonika Marine Collagen Coffee - 14 pack

Ketonika Marine Collagen Coffee - 14 pack


Ketonika Premium Collagen Coffee 14 pack.

 The perfect morning kick-start.

 Our Collagen Coffee tastes like a latte and gives your skin a boost. The MCTs help your mind focus and your body use its fat as fuel.

Marine Collagen is the collagen that is most readily absorbed by the body, and that is IMPORTANT, it means your body gets to utilise Marine collagen better than bovine collagen by about 1.5 times. And it’s the collagen that is better for your skin. 




- Helps improve appearance of your skin


- Great for low carb diets

Ketonika collagen coffee has 4000mg (4g) of Marine collagen
Adding collagen to coffee has many healthy and beauty benefits

Chronic inflammation happens over time. It's a gradual process that includes toxic build up in body tissue, joints and organs. It causes internal swelling that can’t be seen. Just think when you have an inflamed spot or sore, it’s generally red, sensitive and slightly delicate. This is the same as what's happening inside us when inflammation strikes. The most obvious symptom is acid indigenisation or reflux, other symptoms are foggy brain, memory problems and lethargy.

Chronic inflammation happens over time. It's a gradual process that includes toxic build up in body tissue, joints and organs. It causes internal swelling that can’t be seen. Just think when you have an inflamed spot or sore, it’s generally red, sensitive and slightly delicate. This is the same as what's happening inside us when inflammation strikes. The most obvious symptom is acid indigenisation or reflux, other symptoms are foggy brain, memory problems and lethargy.

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