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Sarah Charsley April 2021

MCT Oil The incredible supplement 

MCT's from coconut oil have many health benefits

Medium chain triglycerides are derived from mostly coconut oil, there are others but we advocate coconut oil over anything else. MCTs are often associated with the Keto diet but they have great benefits for everyone. 

What are MCTs?

Despite their slightly medical sounding name, Medium-chain triglycerides are found in different food sources such as butter and milk. MCTs are unlike other fats. They are medium-chain fatty acids and are utilised differently by the body. Fat is not just fat, just like carbs are not just carbs, there are differences. MCTs are the concentrated good fats. They are saturated fats but don’t be put off not all saturated fats are bad.

In all of our products you will find MCTs, and this source of energy is the secret behind why our products are so powerful as a weight loss tool or as a pre and post workout. So let's look at the reasons why

Benefits of MCT for the brain

MCTs are utilised by the liver immediately, which means they are generally used up and not stored as fat. So whether you are on a low carb diet or not your body will utilise the MCTs quickly. This in turn gives you a bit of a boost. (For some people it can be quite a lot of a boost, each person is different.) 

MCT’s help your body use fat as fuel 

Our body stores fat, we all know that, but for some reason it doesn't seem to use it, it kind of hangs around. Why? The simply reason is your body is always using glucose as fuel. This is because we are eating far more carbs then ever before and our bodies simply don’t get a chance to use our fat reserve as fuel.

The great thing with MCTs is that they train your body to use fat again. The science behind this is far too complicated for us to go into in a blog, but look at it this way...

If you’ve been running on carbs that is what your body is going to crave. And if we can’t hold that many carbs we get snack attacks. When we take MCTs our body is forced to use fat as fuel, and all of a sudden it realises you have fat elsewhere it can use. 

Coconut oil is the best source of MCT oil. All our products are coconut oil derived. 

Coconut oil is the best source of MCT oil

MCTs occur in nature, we just extract them from the source. 

MCTs occur naturally in nature
You'll find MCTs in all. our smoothie bowls and coffee

MCTs help you feel full 

Research shows that MCTs release hormones peptide YY and Leptin. These hormones tell your body that you are full, they also slow down the release of glucose. Rising glucose (especially in the mornings) starts you off on your eat-and-snack cycle. Hence if we start the mornings with MCTs it sets us off on the right path for the day, not bouncing about with the rise and fall of glucose levels. 

Benefits of MCT oil in the gym 

MCTs help your body reduce lactate build up. This appears to be connected to the fact that it helps reduce the release of glycogen. However, as with many of these things, the science isn’t totally conclusive, but we’ve certainly had amazing reports from gym bunnies and runners. 

MCTs work immediately 

Here’s the great news, when we decide we want to try something new we want to see the results quickly. Collagen for instance can take 4-6 weeks to start noticing the difference. MCTs however are instant, you will feel the effects within minutes of consumption, whether that's clearer head, feeling less hungry or just more energetic. 

MCTs and cognitive function 

We want to be a little careful here because we want to stress it’s not a magic supplement to solve mental issues, it’s not. But it seems MCTs can help with various conditions, from autism to Alzheimer’s disease. It can even enhance memory, and we have found it’s a great mood enhancer. Can it cure various mood conditions? We aren’t sure, but we would definitely say it’s worth a closer look. 

Weight loss with MCT

For many of the reasons we’ve stipulated, MCTs help with weight loss. It's been our personal experience, hence why we include them in our products. They help you feel full, they help you utilise your body fat as fuel, they help you workout longer, they give you the get up and go that helps beat that sluggish feeling that we get when running purely on glucose. In fact we can’t think of a single supplement that works better.

MCT on Keto diet 

People on the ever popular Keto diet often use MCTs, that is because MCTs produce Ketones, and ketones are what put us the the state thats called ketosis, this is effectively when your body stops using glucose as energy and uses ketones instead. Ketones tell your body to use its fat as fuel pretty much all the time – this is a perfectly natural state for your body to be in. 

MCT as a powder 

All our products use MCT oil in powder form. We get it there by using soluble corn fibre because no oil can be made into a powder without a carrier. This is chosen as it’s one of the best carriers for a low carb diet unlike maltodextrin which is basically a sugar.  

MCTs work well in your morning coffee for an extra energy boost.

Do we get a resilience to MCTs?

The short answer is yes. The effects of MCTs from the first time we use them diminish. For some of us the immediate effects of that first super boost is quite powerful. But the longer we ingest, the more our bodies get used to burning fat as fuel. This is the important bit. Like anything the full effects of MCTs can take a little while. Whilst this is an incredible supplement it’s not a magic potion. Though we haven’t found anything that comes close yet. 

How much MCT should I take?

As our smoothie bowl and coffee products both contain MCTs, we would suggest using only one product a day at first, building to more as you get used to it, what ever you do don’t over do it they really are quite powerful. Take a coffee and give it half and hour see how you feel. 

There is no better supplement for weight loss in our opinion 

Yes it’s our opinion, but the feedback from our customers backs it up. For those really stubborn areas you want to shift weight from, even if you haven't managed to lose weight in years, MCTs can give your body that extra tweak.

Try it, you have nothing to lose, and everything to gain (except weight.)

Ketonika Marine Collagen Coffee - 14 pack
Ketonika Marine Collagen Coffee - 14 pack
Ketonika Marine Collagen Coffee - 14 pack Coffee Ketonika
 collagen butter coffee with MCTs, keto coffee perfect for low carb diets
Frothy ice cold collagen coffee, Ketonika instant butter coffee, refreshing workout drink
Ketonika Marine Collagen Coffee - 14 pack

Ketonika Marine Collagen Coffee - 14 pack


Ketonika Premium Collagen Coffee 14 pack.

 The perfect morning kick-start.

 Our Collagen Coffee tastes like a latte and gives your skin a boost. The MCTs help your mind focus and your body use its fat as fuel.

Marine Collagen is the collagen that is most readily absorbed by the body, and that is IMPORTANT, it means your body gets to utilise Marine collagen better than bovine collagen by about 1.5 times. And it’s the collagen that is better for your skin. 




- Helps improve appearance of your skin


- Great for low carb diets 


BCAA Coffee Sachet
BCAA Coffee Sachet
BCAA Coffee Sachet Coffee Ketonika
BCAA Coffee Sachet Coffee Ketonika
BCAA Coffee Sachet

BCAA Coffee Sachet

Keto coffee, MCT coffee, butter coffee ketonika
Keto coffee, MCT coffee, butter coffee ketonika
14 pack Keto butter coffee, great BCAA coffee for weight loss
Keto Coffee, butter coffee, MCT and BCAA coffee
Bulletproof coffee, weight loss coffee, MCT coffee
Iced keto coffee, MCT weight loss coffee
BCAA Coffee - 14 Pack

BCAA Coffee - 14 Pack

BCAA keto coffee, butter coffee, weight loss coffee
BCAA keto coffee, butter coffee, weight loss coffee
Iced keto coffee, butter coffee, coffee for weight loss.
Cup of keto coffee, butter coffee, weight loss coffee
Ingredients butter coffee, BCAA coffee, coffee for keto, mct coffee
Keto coffee, weight loss coffee, butter coffee

BCAA Coffee - 30 pack


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