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Alasdair Adam- August 2021 

Vegan Collagen Foods

The connection between coffee and weight loss

Neing supporters of Keto you may be shocked to learn we are also adherents of a vegan way of life. From what we’ve seen the best way is to eat raw plant food, but for many of us the health benefits versus how hard it is to stick to, means the juice isn't worth the squeeze.

Vegan collagen: how does it work? 

We thought it prudent to put some of our knowledge to good use, given that vegan collagen is becoming a bit of a hit. So let's get one thing straight vegan collagen does not exist. Yes, there are trials to turn a mushroom into a vegan collagen, but right now there is no such thing as vegan collagen. 

So what does vegan collagen mean? 

Our body produces its own collagen, in fact it is the best producer of collagen there is. Some foods help with this process, others don’t. If you look at someone who eats a raw plant diet you’ll notice the anti-ageing effects are quite astounding. This is because they don’t eat the nasties which work against them. 

Vegan foods that are bad for building collagen

So we know you’re looking for a list of easy do’s and don’ts, but its not as easy as that. It's important to know you really need to not eat some foods if you want your body to have maximum collagen production capacity, because a few slip ups and the machine slows down. 

Smoking and drinking will interfere with your collagen levels. Drinking to excess shuts your liver down for all other duties other than to sort you out from the mess you got yourself into, and one of those duties is to help the body produce collagen. 

Sugar and refined flour

These are actually as bad for you as drinking. But before you start quaffing down pints and glasses because you skipped your pizza at lunch, there are a few differences. Sugar does actually stop your body from producing collagen because it causes a process known as glycation. Glycation effectively makes you look older, and is what causes wrinkles. Processed flour does the same as sugar. Stop consuming them both and you’ll help your body produce collagen.


Sugar (any form): 

Honey, agave, date sugar, maple syrup). Fruit sugars can’t be avoided, but no fruit juice.

Processed flour:

deally stay off the flour, it's hard as flour is the staple of everything, and being vegan that’s probably half your daily calories gone in one fell swoop. Opt for brown pasta, brown rice, and if you have to wholewheat bread (not wholemeal).

Bad oils:

That means vegetable oil - seriously oil doesn't come from a vegetable.

Refined cereals:

You should know this by now – massive packets of nonsense cost £1.99 for a reason!


Same as with bread and white pasta, chips are a no go.


It’s actually not quite as bad as sugar in moderation but try and go for low sugar drinks like vodka, or some wines, we aren't going to list them here you can check for yourself. 

slow down the ageing process by adding collagen to your diet
High doses of hydrolysed marine collage each day makes a big difference for your skin
Supplementing you diet with collagen helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles

Sugar and refined flours are perfect if you want to crash and feel lethargic for the rest of the day.

What vegan foods help you build collagen? 

Well it's a combination. No one food is the magic button but there are some we suggest you start eating: soy protein, legumes and seeds especially hemp, which we think is one of the best vegan proteins out there. Vitamin C is important in the production of collagen, get Vit C from your food products not supplements.

Many of us think we get enough because we see it everywhere, but the truth is we simply don't, plus the body uses it during the day so you need a steady intake. Your breakfast, lunch and dinner ideally should provide you with Vit C.


If there was a magic product it would be an avocado, it has just about very nutrient going, including healthy fats.

Healthy oils

Do not skip the healthy oils, particularly olive oil, they are so important. What's amazing is  that people do everything they can to not consume fat or oil and yet they complain their skin is dry.


Almond oil, almond bread, almond anything. Almonds are a great source of healthy oils, magnesium and manganese. 


Before you go buying purple bars of sugar-infested doom, we aren’t talking about sweets. Cacao in its purest form is incredible stuff – there's a reason our healthy toppings have so much of it, it's loaded with antioxidants, packed with magnesium and it tastes great. Mix cacao nibs with yogurt, or make your own vegan chocolate and add things like spirulina.

Purple berries

Açai, blackberry, blueberry, elderberries and so on. The pigment is a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory, helping the skin and organs to repair themselves, hence helping you look younger. 


This works well and it's good for you, but as for the taste this jury is still out. 


Similar to a cherry this fruit has powerful anti-oxidants and is high in Vit C.

Camu Camu 

Camu Camu is a cherry-like fruit similar to acerola, and is a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. 


Has all sorts of amazing benefits as well as complete proteins. Micro-nutrients are important, see them as the nuts and bolts and oil in the car, small but important. 


Just make sure it's not GMO soy, although at Ketonika we’d go for almond milk over soy any day. 


We can’t package that I’m afraid, but you should be doing it. Exercise produces all sorts of hormones which gets things moving, so if we didn't add this in we’d be doing you a disservice. That doesn't mean running through mud over miles of countryside, but a brisk bike ride or a few weights to break a sweat will suffice.

Collagen or vegan collagen building is NOT A QUICK FIX but it is ESSENTIAL 

We sell collagen products, in fact we eat collagen products every day. We also eat vegan collagen products and we can tell you from personal experience there is NO QUICK FIX. We don’t care who says what, it will take a few months of being consistent in your eating habits and you WILL see the difference.

It really is worth the effort, in your quest for youth you will be fixing the rest of your body. Your skin will generally be the last thing you'll notice because your body will be fixing the things you cant see first.

Depending on your age you should feel and see some results within two months, but it’s after about six months of eating properly and taking care of yourself that you will see the best results. That doesn't mean being perfect, it just means being aware of what you eat.
Have a few takeaways, enjoy a few nights out, but it takes a lifestyle change to make a real difference for many people. 

Ketonika Collagen butter coffee can help stabilise blood sugar levels
Drinking a Ketonika coffee can help you feel full and stop you snacking

References to some science research regarding collagen and vegan collagen.

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