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Lose Weight and Keep it off

low-carb diets are the quickest way to lose weight

                                                   How do I lose weight quickly and keep it off?

Perhaps the most searched for phrase out there. We understand the psychology behind the quick weight loss mentality. Weight starts going on slowly so we don’t notice until something shocks us into action: maybe its an old photo, the look on someone’s face you haven’t seen in a while, that dress or shirt you could once easily get into. Whatever the reason is we are shocked into action. 

I want to lose weight quickly

So what happens when we first spring into weight loss action? We are raring to get going and make headway. We figure if we push hard for a couple months, hopefully by the time we’ve run out of puff the weight we will have lost will motivate us to keep going until we are back to our lovely selves again. 

So why do I put weight on again so easily?

You’ve avoided cakes and biscuits, you’ve drunk less, you’ve been down the gym working out, yet as fast as it came off the weight piles back on. Eventually you resign yourself to thinking that's just the way it is, until the next time you are spurred into the same actions. Only to reap the same results. 

The science of yo-yo weight loss 

OK, so a little you eat less your body gets used to less calories and it saves more. Not only that, but because you are eating less it starts getting rid of things that use calories to burn, and that's MUSCLE. If you have less muscle you burn less calories. Then when you fall off the wagon you put on weight even faster because there’s less muscle than before you started – it's a spiral you have to stop.

Replace carbs and sugar with healthy tasty fats and green leafy vegetables
maintaining muscle when dieting helps you burn calories
to lose weight avoid sugary high carb foods

We want you to be able to keep the weight off long term and find an easy weight maintenance regime with no more diet plans and sacrifice.

Is there a solution to yo-yo weight loss?

 Luckily there is. And it's to do with food choices. Whilst you are eating in a way that feels like a sacrifice you aren’t going to stick with it for long. And whilst you are addicted to things like sugar and carbs, which many people are, it will always feel like a sacrifice. 

The solution to losing and gaining weight 

You need to reverse the spiral. Looking at ways of eating that don't feel like a sacrifice will help keep your muscles and retain your metabolic rate to something that is sustainable. And that is going to be a low-carb way of eating. 

The science behind low carb weight loss 

It's impossible to do it justice in a short paragraph but a low-carb diet simply means you are going to try to avoid spiking your insulin levels. It's high blood glucose levels that gets you back onto that roller coaster of weight loss and gain. It's nothing to do with calories, so don't think just because you’ve hit a calorie target you can sneak in a cake. You can't. But – and it's a big BUT – not eating a cake laden with sugar and fat won't feel like a sacrifice. You can still eat cake and biscuits freely, but just not ones made with normal flour and sugar. If you are reading this whilst addicted to carbs this may sound horrifying. What if we said you needed to sacrifice bananas? You'd probably be like “yeah, fine, I can do that." But SUGAR? Oooooh No! 

Shedding the pounds

You may have heard low-carb diets are the quickest way to lose weight, and in the short term, yes they are. But, and here's another big BUT, quick weight loss is not the answer to any of your problems. You want to reverse what your body is doing and get on a path that is sustainable, relatively easy to follow, that doesn’t involve going hungry or sacrificing and that doesn’t involve having to start a jogging regime (exercise helps, but that's another topic). 

Stopping the yo-yo dieting!

It generally works well for people who have found themselves yo-yo dieting. Even when you don't go back to eating badly, you can still gain weight because processed carbs are simply not your friend – it's a one way relationship – nor are they healthy. Sure a healthy-eating and calorie-controlled diet with a steady exercise routine works, and that's certainly something we think is a good idea. But be honest with yourself, is this what your lifestyle involves on a regular basis? If it was, it's unlikely you would have read this far. 

So how do our low-carb products help? 

Firstly the coffee helps you feel fuller for longer and helps level your blood sugar first thing in the morning. Some people only need a coffee until lunch time, but everyone is different. This stops that morning spike of blood sugar that many people get with traditional breakfasts such as cereal or toast. This is important because it’s those feel-good meals that get you going on the roller coaster for the rest of the day. 

Maintaining your weight

It may feel strange at first but try for yourself and make use of the many resources out there about  how to follow a low-carb way of eating that is right for you. And remember patience. You will see a difference in a month for sure, but six months down the line at a pound a week loss and that's 26 lbs! For others it could easily be more.

The start can sometimes be bumpy but you want to feel like you've sacrificed nothing at all.

Please note that if you have an eating disorder we advise you speak to someone about it.

ketonika smoothie bowls taste amazing and keep you feeling full
low carb foods can still taste amazing
ketonika coffee is a great way to lower your blood sugar

Low-carb and weight loss products

Our products aren’t just for low-carb diets, but they are certainly an asset if you choose to reduce your carb intake, which for most people won't be a bad thing. So your question shouldn't be "How do I lose weight quickly?" but "How do I lose weight and keep it off permanently?"

Article credit: Alasdair Adam


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