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Your Questions, Answered.

What does the coffee do that a normal latte doesn’t ?
The energy from our coffee comes from fat rather than sugar (lactose) which helps you feel fuller quicker and is meant to provide a slow release for the caffeine.
Why erythritol?
Erythritol is perfectly safe for most people to use with no blood sugar spike, it has 0 calories, the main thing is taste, it's no good eating healthy things only to crave something that tastes good, so we combined the two.
What do you mean by instant energy?
MCT’s are very quick to take effect (minutes) for most people, which means you can feel alert and awake pretty quickly. Its not a jittery feeling you get with coffee. 
Why is there so much powder?
It’s a simple equation, lots in to get lots out, you need a significant portion of anything to have a meaningful dose. No good claiming the benefits of collagen if you simply don’t get enough to get those benefits. 
Can I use the smoothie bowl mixes for other things?

Oh yes, here’s where the fun starts, we’ve whipped it with cream to make a healthy frosting for low carb chaffles, shake it with plant milk to make a quick post workout drink, mix with cream cheese to make a delicious no bake cheesecake, see what other uses you can find for this amazing mix. 

Is this a product for weight loss?
Certainly this can absolutely be used as a weight loss product, whether you are following a calorie controlled diet, or a low carb way of eating, this is the number one reason people incorporate our products into their daily routine, see what it does for you.
Can I have too many coffees and bowls in a day?
Yes, for those of you just starting off on this product take it slow, MCTs are powerful and we use good quality ingredients, start with one product, it's perfectly normal to feel a little flushed for some people, others won't notice it, some will feel less hungry, some more alert, its rare not to feel any of those. Once you get used to one product, then start having two on one day to maximise the benefits, we think you’ll be quite surprised at how little calories you need to feel pretty full. 
Why are you doing individual portions?
Because of the nature of the product its important to keep it airtight for maximum longevity, also MCTs are quite powerful so we ensure the correct amount per serving. We’ve tested these over and again to make sure you get the best quality product in the correct amounts. 
Will collagen help me look younger?
Yes in some ways it will, it's not a magic bullet, no collagen is, but we do use the best available, but certainly those small wrinkles will start to disappear, most importantly it's how you feel on the inside that make you feel great on the outside and that will shine through. The Cody utilises collagen to where its needed most, so making you beautiful is the last thing your body thinks of, so if its taking a while for the wrinkles to start fading then it means there are others areas getting repaired first 
Does hot water break collagen down? 
Using the best quality collagen you can buy means it is more stable than others, which means it does not get broken down in hot water.   
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