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It’s Real WHOLE Fruit With Benefits 

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A word about MCTs

MCTs produce Ketones, which help you focus and help your body use its own fat as fuel

MCTs are derived from coconut oil and is quite an amazing supplement. It has been shown in scientific studies to help your body utilise its own fat for fuel and give your brain a Ketone boost, which helps with focus and clarity. It has even been shown to be a mood lifter. 

Fresh Whole Fruit 

Even though it's a powder, the fruit is actually fresher then store bought fruit which loses nutrition the longer it stands. Freeze-dried fruit holds its nutrition better than fresh fruit. When adding to yogurt you are rehydrating it and it tastes just liked you whisked it yourself. 

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Hydrolysed Collagen 

Hydrolysed Non GMO Collagen is a powerful anti-inflammatory, it also helps your look younger. In fact there isn’t enough space here to go into the benefits of collagen.  Suffice to say it’s an essential protein that you need to supplement as you get older as your body doesn’t produce enough. 

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Easy and Quick  

Simply mix with yogurt (we use Alpro or Yop) and enjoy. Or top with fruit, nuts or our healthy toppings for a filling nutritious breakfast.

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Tangible Benefits

You’ll feel fuller on less calories. But most importantly you are getting vital nutrition that helps set you up for the day. 

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Only 140 Calories

Roughly 140 calories depending on the yogurt you use, yet it will feel like more. It's quite amazing how this works, but most of all they taste like a freshly-whipped bowl of fruit with added yogurt. 

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