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Top 10 Low Carb Snacks

It’s 4pm, you've been on the go all day and lunch feels like a million mouthfuls ago. Before you know it, the snack monster starts whispering those familiar oh-so-sweet nothings in your ear. In the past you would have grabbed a sausage roll from the nearest garage, reached into the biscuit tin or popped a slice of bread the toaster to halt those hunger pangs.

But, now you’re following a keto or low-carb way of eating it’s not that simple. Or is it?

People assume snacking when on a keto / low-carb diet can be very difficult, especially if you don’t have time to spend hours in the kitchen preparing and cooking low-carb treats.

But it doesn’t have to be.

 Low-carb snacks can be just as fast and easy to rustle up as their sugar-packed equivalents. The difference is they won’t make your blood sugar levels skyrocket, they don’t contain as many calories and you won’t feel hungry again so soon afterwards.

Here's a list of what we use as simple on the go low-carb snacks. They are easy to find and take with you, and some can be found from most petrol garages.

What they all have in common is that they are low in sugar but high in taste. What's more, these healthy treats should leave you feeling full and energised until your next meal.

Our Top 10 Grab-And-Go Low-Carb snacks 

Cheese bites: we love these crispy cheese snacks, great to have a packet for on the go.

Mixed Nuts: opt for pecans, Brazil or macadamia, as these have the lowest amount of carbs per serving compared to most others nuts.

Olives: not everyone’s cup of tea but they are easy enough to come by.

Pork Scratchings: the old bar snack that was the poster child of weight gain at one time, is actually great for weight loss, not everyone’s cup of tea, but they are easy to get and they are good for low carb (these aren’t god if you aren’t following low carb diet btw).

Melon & Parma Ham: You can pick these up at the garage and just wrap it up, its not super low in carbs but its our on the road healthy go to and it doesn't kick us out of ketosis.

Berry Smoothie Bowl: mixed berries, natural yoghurt, topped with chai seeds and pecan nuts. Or just mix it with plant milk on the go, will take the hunger cravings away.

Meat Sticks: love em or hate em they are fine, same for beef jerkyStrawberries and cream – strawberries are a delicious relatively low carb berry.

Kale Crisps: kale is a low-carb, nutrient-rich veggie that tastes great baked and drizzled with olive oil and a dash of salt.

Keto Bars: OK so we aren’t going to name names, but don't go for store bought bars that say low carb, they aren’t, nothing you find in a petrol garage is good for a low carb snack, bar wise at the time of writing this. Some of the ones on the internet are OK, but, some of them taste absolutely dreadful, there’s a few good ones, but you’ll have to kiss a few frogs.

Low-carb snacks are becoming more popular

The good news is that low-carb snacks are becoming more popular. In fact that's where we started, researching low-carb chocolate bars. The reason we didn't initially go down that route was because we didn't have total control over the ingredients going into the bars.

But there are a few available on the internet that are worth trying. By law we cant tell you what you should and shouldn’t eat, but to help you, it's best to avoid anything with maltitol and xylitol. 

ketonika low-carb smoothie bowls make the perfect tasty low carb sugar free snack.

Ketonika  Low-Carb Smoothie Bowls 

Ketonika Smoothie Bowls are instant blend to mix with your favourite sugar-free yoghurt for a nutritious and filling snack, that's quick and easy to make. Loaded with MCTs, antioxidant-packed berries and premium Marine Collagen our smoothie mixes will keep you feeling full for hours after!

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