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Health Benefits

Why Do You Need Our Coffee? 

So, why have we added butter to our coffee? Well it actually tastes more like cream, but there is science behind why it's there. We don't want to appear like one size fits all, but the fact is this coffee is great for all sorts of applications. 

  • Slow release energy 


The butter helps release everything slowly (except the MCTs which get released quickly). And because the calories come from fat, they help you feel full and should help you stop snacking. This also prevents the coffee jitters, especially because it helps reduce the number of cups some people drink. 

  • Increase collagen production 

Collagen coffee will help increase your collagen production because of the significant and potent dose of 4000 mg of hydrolyzed marine collagen we include. This helps to iron out fine lines, increase bone and ligament strength, works as an anti-inflammatory and helps you feel fuller for longer. 

  • Weight Loss

Many people have found this coffee works amazingly for weight loss. One coffee in the morning and some people don't feel the need to eat until lunch. It certainly helps stop the mid-morning snacks. (Just think 100 calories in the coffee and 400 calories in a mid-morning croissant.) This is thanks to all four ingredients, all of which help to give you a feeling of being full.

  • Pre- and post-workout 

This high energy drink can be used as a pre- and post-workout drink. The collagen will help reduce those aches and niggles especially in people over 30. The MCTs give a natural energy boost that's great for pre-gym or before your morning run. 

  • Muscle retention and muscle gain 

The BCAA coffee is a higher energy coffee than the collagen one, with a slightly more bitter taste. It’s great as a pre- and post-workout drink, and also for those on a calorie-controlled diet who want to retain muscle and keep their metabolism high. If your diet doesn’t include much meat you can supplement with BCAAs which the body can’t produce itself – they aren’t just for beefcakes at the gym. 

Some things you can expect from our coffee


  • You will drink less coffee: for those who are partial to a few cups before lunch, you’ll likely find your coffee intake starts to decrease.  
  • You might feel more focused – studies have shown MCTs may have a powerful effect on the brain.
  • You might feel fuller until lunch and stop snacking. This isn’t subtle either, you simply won’t want to eat – some of our customers even skip lunch. (We always recommend a balanced diet, as each person is different.)
  • You’ll get a clean energy boost – one of our customers said they felt like they were bouncing on air after one of our BCAA coffees.


What to do with smoothie bowls and why do you need them ? 

We have designed our mix with smoothie bowls in mind. With so many smoothie drink mixes on the market, why are we aiming at smoothie bowls? Basically, it's a science thing: Compared to drinking, eating makes you feel fuller and can have greater health benefits. It is the consistency of cake icing, or if left for a while it turns into a mousse. 

  • Feel full on less calories 

At just 140 calories per bowl (including yogurt, without toppings) you’ll be amazed at how full you feel afterwards. This is thanks in part to the high fibre, which has been scientifically shown to decrease hunger, and in part to the MCTs which have been shown to do the same. Our smoothie bowls work because they are designed to be mixed with yogurt which is a food, but you can still get great benefits from mixing it as a drink. 

  • Versatile 

You can mix our smoothie mixes with coconut milk and make chia seed pudding. You can mix them with milk or water as a healthy boost to your porridge or oats, or with cream cheese and yogurt for a cheesecake like dessert. You can top with all sorts of things to make a tasty breakfast with added health benefits. You can even set it in the fridge for a mousse like dessert. We doubt even we’ve discovered all the uses! 

  • Collagen 

Collagen is in there for a reason and it's not just to make you pretty. It's a powerful anti-inflammatory, a powerful supplement with many health benefits and great for pre- and post-workout. Also beneficial if you are following a low-carb diet. 

  • MCTs 

MCTs provide an instant boost of energy for your body and brain. These healthy fats help your body burn fat for fuel. Studies have shown that MCTs may help you lose weight and can reduce your calorie intake during the day. 

  • Portioned amounts 

Our ready-portioned mixes ensure you don’t eat too many carbs/sugar, making it Keto-friendly. We have portioned the fruit out so you don’t get too much sugar from fruit, which if you’re following a low-carb diet is very to do. It also ensures maximum flavour with the right amount of healthy fats, vitamins, fibre and anti-oxidants.


Some things you can expect from our smoothie bowls 

  • You should find you stop snacking, especially in the morning but potentially throughout the day. 
  • Mental clarity increases, thanks to a healthy portion of MCTs. 
  • You could find yourself eating less for lunch. 
  • They simply taste amazing. 



Our versatile toppings are made with our smoothie bowls in mind but you can use them for all sorts of things. Made with organic ingredients to ensure you get the most out of each portion. 

  • What can they be used for? 

Toppings on our smoothie bowls, added to porridge for extra minerals, sprinkled on salads, or added to cereal for extra crunch. 

  • A small amount goes a long way 

You don't need much to feel the benefits. A 25g or 30g serving is plenty for most people – nuts and seeds are packed with minerals. 

  • High in Protein 

For those that follow a vegetarian or vegan diet it's hard to get enough protein. Seeds contain healthy protein. 

  • High in fibre 

Being extremely high in fibre you’ll find a small amount keeps you feeling fuller for longer. You can get 50% of your RDA with one smoothie bowl and toppings. 

One smoothie bowl with a healthy topping can give you half your RDA of fibre, keep you going easily till lunch, and all for less calories than a single croissant. (A croissant is 400 calories !!)

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