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Essential Minerals 

Nobody keeps up with all the minerals and RDA%, but that doesn’t mean you don’t need them.

Essential minerals are just that, ESSENTIAL. They are found in all sorts of foods, but most of us simply don’t eat enough of them. Lack of minerals effects our mood and how our body functions. 

Just Sprinkle Them on Top of a Smoothie Bowl 

Integrating seeds and the such in your diet isn’t that easy, but a little goes a long way. Just pop a few spoonfuls on top of a smoothie bowl for a bit of extra crunch, healthy fats, fibre and minerals.

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The Minerals

What minerals are we talking about? Zinc, Copper, Iron, Magnesium, Manganese, Phosphorus, Thiamin B1, Potassium, Vit K, Riboflavin. 

That’s a lot of minerals! Each topping is designed to be higher in certain minerals. All have high fibre and high protein. 

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Easy and Quick  

Put them on your smoothie bowl, yogurt, porridge, or cereal. Mostly made from organic ingredients.

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Tangible Benefits

Minerals help your body work better, from metabolising vitamins to boosting your immune system. Claims we can’t make without scientific backing. 

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High Fibre and High Protein 

Fibre keeps you feeling fuller for longer as does protein. It really doesn’t take a lot to make a big difference. Top up on your minerals today!

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