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Alasdair Adam- August 2021 

Coffee and Weight Loss: is there a connection?

The connection between coffee and weight loss

Woffee is one of the world's most popular drinks. Throughout history it’s been used for all sorts of purposes, from an aphrodisiac and an appetite suppressor, to a medicine pretty much able to cure most things nature has to throw at us.

Today it's the go-to drink to wake you up in the morning and pick you up throughout a long day. 

But since us Brits know that tea can do the same job - and without giving us the shakes like a coffee - what place does coffee have in our lives now, and can it really help us to lose weight?

We’re drinking more coffee, yet we are still overweight as a nation?

A true fact but it's probably a little unfair to shoulder coffee with all the blame. It’s sugar that's the real enemy here (we’ll get into that in a bit).

According to The British Coffee Association, we now drink approximately 95 million cups of coffee per day.  For many of us our daily coffee hit seems to stave off hunger for a little while, whilst giving us a mental boost – even to the point of giving us the jitters. Yet there is little evidence that coffee drinkers are any thinner than none coffee drinkers.

There is no conclusive evidence coffee helps you lose weight 

Whilst some studies suggest that coffee can help play a part in weight loss, primarily due to the effect of caffeine on  metabolism, plenty others show it can’t. This leaves us in a bit of a caffeinated quandary. But don’t worry, we have a theory, and it's a pretty good one.

When you have a high-carb breakfast the mid-morning crash can lead to a snack attack. But does the same happen with a coffee crash? Our opinion is, yes, it does. When we crash from anything we often reach out for something to level us out again, and for some of us that means a sugary or carb-laden snack, neither of which are good for weight management.

The connection between coffee and snacking

Have you noticed how in coffee shops there are hardly any healthy snacks? In fact, in many coffee shops there is virtually nothing healthy: croissants, millionaire shortcake, rocky roads, paninis, flapjacks and so on. Surely you’d expect more healthy options if coffee and weight loss had such a great relationship?

slow down the ageing process by adding collagen to your diet
High doses of hydrolysed marine collage each day makes a big difference for your skin
Supplementing you diet with collagen helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles

crashing from coffee can make you reach for an unhealthy snack

Your skinny latte: the hidden sugars

Skinny lattes are such a 21st century invention, and on the surface they appear relatively harmless. But let’s give this some further thought: Lactose is a sugar, a sugar that helps baby cows grown into big cows. That alone should make your views on skinny lattes do a 180. Unsurprisingly there’s a big drive to go for lactose free lattes now, as people are becoming wise to the hidden calories.  

How do I use coffee as a weight loss aid? 

Here’s where we come in. Our coffees are designed to stave off that mid-morning crash. They also prolong the effect of the caffeine so you don’t get the jitters either. This is achieved by adding butter. (Before you run for the hills, butter in coffee tastes very much like cream.) But regardless, the effect the butter has is quite astounding. We have tried cream but we didn't get the same results. Butter seems to work well with coffee for reasons we are yet to fully understand. 

Coffee to help me feel full? 

Yes and at only 100 calories it’s not going to break any calorie bank. Regardless of whether or not you follow a low carb diets this works for most people. The MCTs give a feeling of fullness and help to stabilise blood sugar, hence reducing the effects of the mid-morning crash and the reaching for snacks. 

Ketonika Collagen butter coffee can help stabilise blood sugar levels
Drinking a Ketonika coffee can help you feel full and stop you snacking
Ketonika butter coffee with added MCTs is great for healthy keto diets

4500mg OF Enzymatic hydrolysed marine collagen and 4500mg of MCTs in our Collagen Coffee

Our Collagen Coffee tastes like a latte and gives your skin a boost. The MCTs help your mind focus and your body use its fat as fuel.

4000mg of BCAAs and 4500g of MCTs in our BCAA Coffee

Our BCAA Coffee is designed to keep you feeling fuller for longer without the need to snack. It tastes just like a creamy coffee, but with an added boost from premium supplements. Perfect for pre- or post-workout.

Collagen peptides are great for healthy hair skin and bones

References to some science research and sites regarding coffee and weight loss.

1. Ksenija Velickovic, Declan Wayne, Hilda Anaid Lugo Leija, Ian Bloor, David E. Morris, James Law, Helen Budge, Harold Sacks, Michael E. Symonds, Virginie Sottile. Caffeine exposure induces browning features in adipose tissue in vitro and in vivo. Scientific Reports, 2019; 9 (1) DOI: 10.1038/s41598-019-45540-1

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Marine collagen coffee, butter coffee weight loss bulletproof coffee.
Marine collagen coffee, butter coffee weight loss bulletproof coffee.
Marine Collagen Coffee Sachet Coffee Ketonika, non GMO marine collagen coffee
Marine Collagen Coffee Sachet Coffee Ketonika, perfect for an iced keto coffee
Non GMO Hydrolysed marine collagen coffee, keto coffee, butter coffee in an instant
Marine collagen keto butter coffee, perfect for hair skin and nails. Anti ageing, anti inflammatory, great for weight loss

Marine Collagen Coffee Sachet


Ketonika Premium Collagen Coffee Sachet. 

The perfect morning kick-start. 

Our Collagen Coffee tastes like a latte and gives your skin a boost. The MCTs help your mind focus and your body use its fat as fuel.

TYPE 1 Collagen is the most abundant collagen in the human body, and it’s the most readily absorbed. Marine Collagen is the most readily absorbed and I used by the body, and as a morning coffee provides a great quick hit of MCT as well. 


-4000mg enzymatic hydrolysed marine collagen

-4500mg MCT

-Helps improve your skin's appearance

-Can keep you feeling fuller for longer


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