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Alasdair Adam April 2021

Smoothie Bowls: The new healthy breakfast or just a fad?

smoothie bowls make a healthy breakfast

A new healthy meal is in town, and most of you will heave heard of it by now. But are smoothie bowls  as healthy as we think they are?

                                                  What Are Smoothie Bowls?

These are generally made by using frozen berries, frozen fruit or fruit pulp, added into a blender, sometimes with ice cubes, whisked up and put in a bowl. Some people add toppings such as nuts and seeds, others like to add almond butter or peanut butter, and as so often with food these days it's photographed and put on social media for others to coo over.

Are smoothie bowls good for you?

Yes and no. So, the new trend these days is smoothie bowls, especially acai bowls, and on the surface it seems like a HEALTHY TASTY WAY TO START THE DAY, not to mention eye catching once you've decorated it with fruits and nuts. 

Are smoothie bowls high in sugar?

There’s always a catch isn’t there? And this catch has a sweet taste, sugar, the old enemy that sneaks into everything these days, up to 20 grams of sugar (can be even higher), and that's without the added sugar some people like such as honey or agave.

Fruit is a fantastic food in moderation, holding many benefits, but the fact is, fructose is the absolute worst of the sugars for putting on weight. And when making a smoothie bowl it's easy to overdo the fruit because you want to get volume and taste. Many smoothie bowl recipes contain nearly 5 teaspoons of sugar (check them out for yourself) and that will not help you lose weight.

Remember to lose weight you want to reduce your blood sugar spikes. But read on, we have a solution. 

our smoothie bowls low in carbs
seeds and nuts are great additions to smoothie bowls
use freeze-dried fruit for extra antioxidants

How do I make my smoothie bowls healthy? 

Portioning and freeze dried fruit, when you freeze dry fruit it actually retains more antioxidants, vitamins and importantly flavour than its water-filled counterpart.That means you need less of it to attain similar results nutritionally. You could use our mix with water and get a fruit drink, but mixing with yogurt makes it a food, which in turn helps you feel fuller for longer (yes we’ve thought about this a lot).

Sweet but not sugar?

 Here’s our magic ingredient. Erythritol, in powdered form, is added, which gives back the sweet taste but with none of the drawbacks of sugar – it really is just there for taste.Whilst some studies show it actually may be good for your teeth, we have only added it for taste, which doesn’t quite make it sugar free, but at roughly half a teaspoon it's pretty close.

Are smoothie bowls low in carbs?

No, not many are, especially if you use too much fruit which is easy to do. If you look at many of the photos on the internet you’ll see they are full to the brim.Whilst that may look pretty, that's far too much to be eating in one go. But fear not, we have made ours low in carbs so you can enjoy the health benefits without having to worry about the waist benefits.

Super Boosters

The great thing is you can use them to add supplements that are very beneficial to your diet, like COLLAGEN and MCTs.

There are other powders you can add, such as protein powders and other less than tasty things like spirulina.Both of these supplements are known anti-inflammatories and help stabilize sugar, so instead of a sugar rush after a smoothie bowl you will actually stabilise your blood sugar, which in turn HELPS YOUR FEEL FULLER FOR LONGER.

top you smoothie bowl with our tasty toppings
healthy breakfast ideas for low-carb diets
super protein topping mix high in protein

Healthy smoothie bowl toppings 

Adding extra toppings can easily contain as many calories as the smoothie bowl itself, if you are on a low-carb diet then adding extra nuts and seeds are great additions. If not granola or oats can be added – just use small portions, you wont need much. Our top healthy topping tips? Flax seed meal, Chai seeds, Hemp seeds, Pecan nuts, Raspberries, Cacao nibs, Cacao Paste (tastes just like chocolate),Soy crispies, Coconut pieces, Bee pollen (in moderation).

Smoothie bowls on a low carb or keto diet

So many of these HEALTHY BREAKFAST IDEAS are out for low-carb diets, or even if you are just trying to lose weight, but fear not as this is where Ketonika excels.We have portioned the right amount of fruit and spices to give you maximum taste, benefits and flavour without worrying about your waistline, or kicking you our of ketosis.

Can I make a smoothie bowl that's low in calories?

Oh yes, absolutely. You may have read in places that these beautiful creations can be as much as 500 calories. Yes they can, and that's not conducive to a good weight management regime.But fear not, our smoothie bowl mix comes with only 99-130 calories, which is less that a bowl of cereal. And without the carbs as well so that’s a double whammy. And, yes, one bowl will be enough to keep most if you full till lunch – it's worked for us. Plus it's gluten free.

Easy and quick to make


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works well for weight loss regimes

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