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Healthy Toppings

Seeds and nuts: natures incredible nutrients 

smoothie bowls a low carb keto breakfast.

Fruits Seeds and Nuts 

Using certified Organic ingredients our toppings are a great way to increase fibre, protien and essential minerals in your diet with ease.  

We know seeds and nuts don't find their way into many people's diets as they aren't always easy to incorporate into every day health. This is one very easy and tasty answer.  

The most Nutrient dense Foods on the Planet 

Seeds are incredibly healthy and packed with all sorts of minerals and vitamins, especially essential metals. It's nearly impossible to keep up with what your RDA is on all these things, but a small amount of our toppings helps you along the way. Just remember these are essential nutrients which means you really need them in your diet. 

This is a very high fibre bowl with our high fibre healthy topping and superberry mix
Hemp Seeds and Chai seeds perfect high protein breakfast

Real Life Benefits 

Nutrient-dense foods help keep you feeling fuller for longer. Snacking is  problem fro many people: a few biscuits with coffee, a pack of crisps on the way home. Snacking can easily add 4-800 calories a day without you really noticing. Incorporating healthy foods into your diet really helps stop that urge to snack. 

So Versatile

You can throw them on a smoothie bowl, add them to a smoothie drink, top your porridge with them or even an ice-cream or dessert. Eating some healthy food in each day is better than having none. It's not an all or nothing affair. With five mixes there’s bound to be one you like. 

Bee pollen and nut mix for perfect breakfast topping

So Easy to Use 

Here’s Sophie making a smoothie bowl with Hight Fibre Healthy Topping, adds some crunch to the smoothie bowl. 

Organic ingredients and premium suppliments

Cacao nibs and cacao liquor are amazing anti oxidant sources.
Coconut has many health benefits
Bee pollen is in two of our healthy topping mix, bee pollen has more protein per oz than meat

When buying things in packets it's all too easy to forget where they actually came from. Our ingredients are the best nature has to offer – coming from a variety of sources in different countries, most ingredients are certified organic. 

Each has different health benefits but combined they give you a powerful source of essential minerals that are really easy to incorporate into your diet. 

essential minerals: they really make a difference

Lack of minerals has real life effects

Ever feel tired during the day? Aching muscles and tired limbs? That can be because of mineral deficiency. So many things from mental health to energy and focus can be put down to mineral imbalances. When you look at the western diet it's not hard to see how this is possible. Just starting with a smoothie bowl topped with healthy toppings can go a long way to increasing your mineral intake. 

Eating healthy helps you want to get up and go
Health diets can help you enjoy life more

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