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Anthony Lee - Jan 01 2020

Four people trailed Ketonika for a month, this is how they got on. 

At the beginning of my Ketonika challenge, I was curious if I would be able to maintain eating only after 12/12:30pm and if I would be able to stick to just the coffees in the morning. I was also interested in trying the smoothie bowls and toppings as I’ve never been a big smoothie person.Kicking off the challenge, I noted down my weight and had an idea of what I wanted to lose. My weight was 10st 9lbs. I didn’t feel overweight, but I wanted to slim down a little to help tone my figure.

“The coffee’s were my favourite”

First things first, the coffees were delicious – each morning I had one and it felt like I had ordered one from a coffee shop.

Occasionally I would make an original coffee with milk, only if I forgot or my housemate kindly made me one in the morning, and I didn’t want it to go to waste.

Most days I was able to eat between only 12/12:30 and 8/9pm. Sometimes it was a challenge because who doesn’t love a snack…luckily, I found the smoothies to be a good alternative when I was feeling peckish.

The smoothie bowls were good – but I found that half a sachet was the right amount to use. The toppings added a great crunch.

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Emily used half a pack for the smoothie bowls. With just a light sprinkle of toppings. 

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